February 5, 2008: Success!

Congratulations are in order. Since the launch of GoPHP5.org, over 100 software projects and over 200 web hosts have come on board to support the adoption of PHP 5.2. As opposed to just a few months ago, it is now easy to find a hosting solution that supports PHP 5, and software developers can turn to the attractive new features that PHP 5 offers without the need to worry that they are leaving their end users without options.

Many thanks to Larry Garfield and Marc Delisle for their vision and hard work. Without them this site would have never materialized. Many thanks to the projects and hosts who made the decision to join us.

While we're now very accustomed to cooperating and collaborating at the level of an OSS project, we don't yet have a lot of experience collaborating at a pan-industry level. GoPHP5 has shown that we can work and think at a broader level of collaboration, involving language builders, software engineers and hosting providers in large decisions that affect us all. Hopefully, whe